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Amphenol was established in 1932 in Chicago under the name, American Phenolic Corporation. Initially, the company manufactured sockets for electronic vacuum valves and then expanded into the manufacture of electrical connectors for military use. Subsequently, the company extended its product range to include connectors used in almost every field of engineering in over 60 locations worldwide. Ensuring a variety of engineering product needs are met on both a domestic and professional consumer scale, Amphenol manufacture items for commercial aircraft, defence, mobile devices, mobile networks and computers. A comprehensive range of coaxial connectors is available with a particular emphasis on high-frequency applications where the characteristic impedance needs to conform to the industry standards of 50 ohms and 75 ohms. The range of coaxial connectors includes panel-mounted sockets, cable connectors and straight and angled interconnectors. Another popular connector is the multi-pole circular connector; Amphenol offers over 700 variations of male and female connectors and accessories designed for cable sizes from 0.5 mm² up to 10 mm² in different housing materials and with a wide variety of locking mechanisms including screw, bayonet and push-pull to cover almost every conceivable need. The company can even provide heavy-duty connectors designed for power application and voltages between 50 and 1000 volts AC and DC.


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